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■ Product Description

- High Molecular Weight Flame Retardant For Polyether; (CM) HR and Moulded Foams

- NILBURNTM A300TB is an additive type flame retardant extensively used in the flexible polyurethane industry.


Typical Properties

Physical appearance
clear, transparent liquid
Color, APHA
Phosphorus content
Chlorine content
Water content
0.01% w/w
0.02 mg KOH/g
Viscosity at 25°C
1050 mPa.s
Density at 25°C
1480 kg/㎥
Boiling point
Melting point
< 20°C
Flash point (COC)
> 230°C
Auto ignition temperature
> 500°C
Water solubility at 20°C
18 mg/l

■ Key Application

NILBURNTM A300TB is a Phenol and TPP free additive flame retardant used in polyurethane foams.
Its major application is in automotive PU foams, where low fogging, Phenol and TPP free is required. Its superiority is demonstrated in excellent hydrolytic stability, low volatility, and processing characteristics, which enable it to be incorporated into formulations with little or no effect upon foam processing. 



This product exists below its natural melting point and can crystallize when stored in cold conditions. The incidence of this is not  frequent. To prevent this from happening, the product should be stored at a minimum temperature of 20°C.

■ Packing

Normally available in new steel seaworthy drums : 250kgs net , 268kgs gross


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