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- NILBURN OP117 is a high  efficiency halogen free flame retardant additive for flexible polyurethand foams. It is a high molecular weight oligomeric phosphate ester which has excellent heat ageing performance, low volatile, low odor.

- NILBURN OP117 is particularly recommended for automotive and furniture applications where resistance to migration upon ageing is a requirement of the flammability standards used.



Clear Liquid
Viscosity @ 25℃
1600cps max
Flash Point (℃)
Phosphorus Content (w/w %)
Solubility in Water @ 20℃(w/w %)
Colour (Hazen)
400 max
Acidity (mg KOH/g)
1.0 max
Water Content (w/w%)
0.1 max
Specific Gravity(kg/m3@25℃)



- NILBURN OP117 is a suitable flame retardant for many types of flexible slabstock polyether and moulded foams. The product is typically recommended for the production of flame retardant foams required to resist ignition from low intensity flame sources as described in Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard No.302 and also to meet California Bulletin 117 requirements. Owing to its high efficiency, its dosage required for the same flame retardancy is almost 50% lower than traditional flame retardants.



- NILBURN OP117 is very hydroscopic. Please keep containers tightly closed and prevent the ingress of moisture or other forms of contamination . Store in dry ventilated place.

- 250kgs net , 268kgs gross sea worthy steel drum or IBC.



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