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■ Product Description

- High Molecular Weight Flame Retardant for Polyether; HR and Moulded foams

- NILBURN TL-10-ST flame retardant is a high molecular weight phosphate ester flame retardant for conventional and high-resilience, polyether polyol –based polyurethane foams. It can be used in discontinuous and continuous slabstock and molded production systems. Very low emissions make NILBURN TL-10-ST flame retardant a good choice for flexible foams that must pass emission (VOC/FOG) tests such as PB VWL 709. Our unique manufacturing process results in extremely low TCEP (tris choro ethyl phosphate) content.


Typical Properties

slightly yellow liquid
Color (Hazen), max
Acidity (mg KOH/g), max
Specific gravity @ 25 °C, g/cc
Refractive index @ 25 °C
Solubility in water @ 25 °C
Viscosity @ 25 °C, cps
Decomposition temperature (°C)
Water content, wt (%)
TCEP content, wt (%)
Phosphorous content (%)
Chlorine content (%)



■ Application 

- NILBURN TL-10-ST flame retardant can be used in conventional and high load-bearing foams, as well as in high-resilience polyether and combustion modified(i.e. melamine-containing CME or CMHR) products. NILBURN TL-10-ST flame retardant is typically recommended for foams that must resist ignition by low-intensity flame sources. It is also well-suited for applications requiring outstanding resistance to migration after aging.

Examples of flammability standards that can be met using NILBURN TL-10-ST flame retardant in polyether polyol-based flexible polyurethane foams include

• UK: BS AU169, BS 4735, BS 5852 "Crib 5"

• Germany : DIN 75200

• USA: UL 94 HF1, FMV SS302, Cal 117 A&D

Storage and Package

NILBURN TL-10-ST is unaffected by most of the material used in the construction of storage vessels. It is recommended that where possible the product is protected from the ingress of moisture or other forms of contamination.
250kgs net, 268kgs gross in steel drum.



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