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■ Product Description

NILBURN NK is a phosphorus/nitrogen based halogen free flame retardant specially recommended for polyolefins, either homopolymers or copolymers, as well as their copolymers with EVA etc. It has high heat stability, high hydrolytic resistance and good smoke suppressant effect.It has good compatibility with polymers.


■ Characteristics

- High heat stability

- High hydrolytic resistance

- Smoke suppressant

- Low affect on polymers’ mechanical properties

Technical Data

white powder
Particle size       

> 1000mesh

Bulk density     


Phosphorus content       
Nitrogen content            


■ Application

NILBURNTM NK is effective on many plastics, such as polyolefins, Nylon, PET/PBT, polystyrenes etc. But it is specially recommended for polyolefins and their copolymers with EVA etc. In case of PE/EVA copolymer, the dosage required for UL94 V0 rating is only 22-25% of total formulation.

■ Packing

20kgs net in kraft paper bag with PE inner liner.


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